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Art Gallery

In addition to my event services, I have made available prints that showcase my enthusiasm for landscape and travel photography. In particular, I have developed a strong affinity for visiting my local botanical garden. There I am reminded of the allure of the natural world and can focus solely on the beauty around me. No rules. No distractions. Just me and my camera searching to expose the majesty around us that we too often ignore. I attempt to do the same when traveling abroad. I love exploring and capturing the essence of whatever sleepy town or bustling city that I am visiting. My goal is to find those images that encapsulate both what is familiar and loved about that part of the world while at the same time revealing something new about it. My joy lies in being able to share with others these discoveries.

Spring Morning
Everything will be ok

Print prices starting at:


4X6 $7.00

8X10 $15.00

8X12 $25.00

16X24 $55.00

Besides prints I offer canvas, thin wraps, and metal prints. Other merchandise includes coasters, magnets, etc. For more information please contact me at

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